North End Farm Glamping

We've got a number of stunning canvas bell tents that could make your summer even more magical!

They sleep 6 comfortably so perfect for a family adventure or for a night of luxury create your very own couples retreat.

We'll pitch the tent for you within 15miles of Bedford or if you're further afield you can collect the tent and set it up yourself.

We can't currently furnish the tent but will still bring it alive with bunting and fairy lights.

Minimum hire is 3 nights.

COVID Precautions
We would like to inform you of a few precautions we have put in place, since the Covid19 outbreak:

1) The tent will be packed away at least 72 hours before it comes to you.
2) We use sanitiser and a mask when pitching the tent in your garden.
3) If possible, we would require side access to your garden and for no one to be in the garden when the tent is being pitched. You can choose to pitch it yourself (it's actually really easy)!
4) We can only rent out the bell tent empty. We would usually offer an extra package to add some glamour and luxury but for now we'll have to leave this in your creative hands - take a look at our pics for some inspiration.
5) If a member of your household is currently shielding or vulnerable we would not be able to supply you with a tent.

Type of Camping - tick all that apply.:
Family Camping
Occasion (Sleepover / Fete / Party)
Event tents, awnings and marquees
Wild Camping
How Easy is it to Pitch?: Very Easy
Sleeps: 3-4 people
Type of tent: Canvas tent
Specification, dimmensions, make, model (not required): 5m in diameter
How long does it take to pitch?: 15 - 20 mins
Weight (not required): 34kg
Listing created Jul 25, 2020

Public discussion (2)

Sam W

10 months ago

We are looking to camp in my parents garden at Christmas as well as using a large tent as an extra space . Do you have one with a stove hole so we could heat it? Or do you have another form of heating?

North End Farm Glamping

10 months ago

Hi Sam,

I love your idea for Christmas!

Unfortunately none of our tents can have a stove in as they don’t have chimney holes. If you can get electricity to them then I suppose any kind of electric heater could do the trick.

Not sure if you’re the person Jeff Hall has been in touch about a tent for?

If you are, I’ve asked Becka - tentshare founder to try source one for you and she is going to put out a ‘tent match’ post over the weekend to see if she can find one that can have a stove in for you.

If it’s not you then let me know your location and we’ll try do the same for you.

Shout with any more info or questions.

Speak soon,


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